About Lazy Money UK

What’s up guys? Phil from Lazy Money UK here.

I created Lazy Money UK because I hate work and don’t want to work.

Whether it’s waking up too early, having my schedule dictated by someone else, dealing with passive-aggressive colleagues, petty supervisors and insufferable members of the public, or the tedium of the job itself, it’s just not how I want to live.

Lazy Money UK is an experiment to see if I can get something close to a full-time income by staying at home and partaking in a multitude of earning opportunities online.

Origin story

My first experiences with getting free stuff on the internet go way back to secondary school. I would get paid in penny chews and Pixy Stix for clicking on search engine results (I think the site was called ‘Swearch’, as in ‘sweets’ + ‘search’). This progressed into receiving real cash from surveys, delivered to my underage PayPal account.

My early earning endeavors culminated in me receiving £10 a month in Amazon vouchers from a poorly placed insurance advert banner on my Geocities websites. Finally, it was possible to get that copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which my parents didn’t want me to have.

Years later, and at university, I got tired of being in perpetual overdraft and decided to rekindle my earning efforts. Swagbucks was the first site I signed up to, and I was immediately impressed by how easy it was to get some free money.

Being able to find extra cash online kept me and my friends out of some sticky situations prior to finding employment. I remember one time in particular where I answered some surveys just before going to Tescos to be able to afford the groceries I needed.

Even with a full-time job, I continued to bring in extra income on the side, often sneaking in games of Swagasaurus Run and Swagbucks Bowling during working hours.

The mission

I would like to help myself, and others, make as much money as possible with the least amount of effort. Whether you want to achieve financial freedom, boost your employment income with a side-hustle, or just earn the occasional treat for yourself, my guides will have something for you.

I’m always searching for, testing out, and reviewing the latest money making opportunities, so my viewers can add to their overall strategy.

I wish I could tell you there was a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, like “go to these websites, and do these tasks every day”. Maybe that day will come, when there are enough sites handing about free daily bonuses. Until then, people who want to scale their income above what’s possible when trading time for money are going to have to create something of value.

I started off Lazy Money UK as a YouTube channel- The idea being that I would provide helpful (and hopefully entertaining) money making tips in exchange for getting referrals, and passive income, on the sites I recommended. One day, the channel itself will be monetisable with YouTube adverts.

Now I’m expanding my reach with a website, aiming to provide comprehensive guides of everything I do to bring in extra cash.

How you can help

Please help to keep my dreams (delusions) alive by subscribing to my YouTube channel and engaging with the videos. In turn, I will continue to provide the latest and best lazy money making tips.