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Daily Login Rewards

What is a daily login bonus?

A daily login bonus is a small amount of cash which you can claim from certain rewards platforms.  The reason that sites and apps give away free money is to encourage you to keep using their service.

You can claim a lot of these daily login rewards with the click of a button.  Others are slightly more involved, but nonetheless quick and easy to get.

Here you will find all the places I visit daily to pick up some guaranteed pennies.

Last updated: 27/01/23

Swagbucks – Here you’ll find many types of daily login bonus

Swagbucks has daily activities which you can use to earn free cash or gift cards, without having to do surveys or offers. For example, you can:

  • Answer the daily poll
  • Play browser games
  • Win points from the search engine
  • Have a go on the daily trivia app Swagbucks LIVE
  • Get paid when you tip video creators on the Swagit! app

Check out my Complete Beginner’s Guide To Swagbucks to get a full walk-through of each activity.

You can also claim $3 for free by signing up via my profile link and making your first 300 SB.


Freecash is a rewards platform similar to Swagbucks.  If you check in the Rewards section, you’ll see that it’s possible to claim a daily login bonus worth a few cents.  What I like about this is it’s possible to permanently increase your bonus amount by leveling up on the site.

You can earn Freecash points easily by watching videos on the site Loot TV.  When you transfer 1000 Loot TV points ($1) to Freecash, you will also unlock the first daily streak bonus on Freecash worth $0.025.

You can get a randomised sign-up bonus (typically $0.25) by joining with my referral link. is a clone of Freecash, except not as good.  I still like to claim the $0.01 daily login bonus here though.  As with Freecash, it’s possible to level up and increase your bonus.

The 24 hour countdown to your next reward being made available doesn’t start until you claim the current reward.  As a result of this, the opening time will constantly drift to a later time the next day.  This is a poor design choice which I find mildly annoying.

In the event that this site tells you to earn some points from offers before you can cash out, simply send some points over from Loot TV.

You can get a $0.10 sign-up bonus by using my referral link.


This bandwidth seller application has a daily ‘Honey Jar’ which you can open to claim free points. The prizes I’ve won so far have been valued at $0.01, $0.02, $0.5, $0.10 and $1.00, though Honeygain claims you can win up to $10 in one go.

In order to claim the Honey Jar bonus, you must sell 15 megabytes of data on the current day.

New users can get a free $5 credited to their account by signing up with my referral link.

Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds lets you earn a guaranteed 7p daily by using the search engine.  You will be credited 1p, 2p or 3p for every 4 searches you perform, until you reach the daily maximum.

To be honest, you can just type in one search term and then refresh the page until the search counter maxes out.  Be sure not to rush this though, as it won’t count if you search again too quickly.

In addition to the search engine earnings, you can pick up an extra 1 or 2p daily by clicking on spam e-mails in your inbox.

New members can get a free £1 bonus by signing up with my referral link.

Microsoft Rewards

This is a rewards platform designed to encourage use of the Bing search engine and Edge web browser.

You can get 162 points a day by performing Bing searches (12 of which come from using Edge, and 60 from the Bing app).  The fastest way to max out your daily search points is by searching for a group of people, for example a sports team or movie cast, and clicking through the portraits at the top.

Users can also click on daily activities like polls and quizzes to get extra points.  You don’t have to engage with the 10 point activities to get credited, except for the daily poll question.

Although Microsoft discontinued PayPal cash-outs, you could still sell your gift card for cash on a site like Cardyard.


LootUp is a pretty generic survey and offer wall site.  What makes it of interest to us is that you can spin a wheel once every 24 hours to try and win a prize- Either some free points or a temporary earnings booster.

Although ideally you want to receive free points from the daily spin, the earnings booster isn’t a total waste of time.  In fact, it is very useful to increase your earnings from Hideout TV (see below for more information).

Once you reach 1000 points, you can cash out $1 in Bitcoin or PayPal.

What irritates me about the daily spin feature on LootUp is that it starts counting 24 hours from the time that you use it.  Unless you are able to access the wheel as soon as it opens, it will actually take longer than 24 hours for the next spin to come around.  As a result of this, you won’t truly be able to have a go every day.

Note: If you have already joined Hideout TV then you will automatically have an account at LootUp with the same login information.

Hideout TV

Hideout TV is a site that’s similar to YouTube, except you can earn points for viewing videos with adverts.

You can use the Rewards menu under any video to redeem a daily promo code for extra points.  The code is even typed in for you already.

As mentioned above, you can send Hideout TV points to LootUp, where you can apply any earnings booster that you won on the daily prize wheel.  I recommend saving up your Hideout TV points until you get the 50% earnings bonus on LootUp, and then send them over.

Note: If you have already joined LootUp then you will automatically have an account at Hideout TV with the same login information.


OK, so this one isn’t actually daily, but it is available every Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

On the main page, you will find two poll questions which you can answer to get 10p plus 2p. They seem to be updated manually by the Viewsbank administrator, so may not appear first thing in the morning.

Once you reach £12, you will be eligible to receive a payment to your PayPal account (they process withdrawals automatically once a month).

Branded Surveys

Similar to Viewsbank, Branded Surveys posts a daily poll question worth $0.05 a day. You can request payments to PayPal, starting from $5.

Now I have to warn you that Branded Surveys is not an entirely honest site.  On the face of it, the poll is presented as a legitimate feature from which users can earn money.  In reality, Branded Surveys will ban users who reach the withdraw limit predominantly by answering poll questions.  This rule is certainly not mentioned in the terms and conditions of the site.

If you wish to claim the “free” daily login bonus from Branded Surveys, make sure you complete one or two of their partner surveys before you withdraw your money.  This will help you cash out sooner anyway.


Every day on Qmee there’s a pop quiz question for 3p.  Close it to reset the timer while you Google the correct answer.

If you don’t catch the question when it’s open, there will be a second window of opportunity later in the day.  You can check the next opening time by looking at the closed quiz.

You may instantly cash out any amount to PayPal, even just the 3p prize from the pop quiz.  This awesome feature sets Qmee ahead of other survey sites.

Better still, you can get 50p for free by signing up with my referral link and withdrawing any amount.

Qmee users can win a daily login bonus of 3p by answering a pop quiz question correctly.


This survey app has an option to claim 10 free daily points. The value of the points increases if you save up for higher cash-out options. At the lowest rate you’ll get $0.04 per day ($1 Amazon gift card), whereas the best rate you can get is $0.066 per day ($30 PayPal cash or Amazon gift card).

CashPiggy uses the same 24 hour cooling-off period as LootUp, so try to remember what time it will become available again. It’s also worth mentioning that you can skip the video advert after each claim by force-closing the app.

Fortunately, I was able to receive my payment without having to do any surveys at all. However, I did incur an eye-watering 14% PayPal fee. With that being said, it’s still good to get money for doing basically nothing.

Please use my invite code ‘gwfolvs’ to start with 10 free points.

Zap Surveys

Finally, here’s one more app for good measure.  You can get $0.03 every day just for checking in to the Zap Surveys app. Unlike CashPiggy, the daily bonus becomes available at the beginning of the day.

The catch is that the withdrawal limit is $25- Meaning you’ll be claiming daily bonuses for a very long time before getting your hands on that PayPal cash.

Update: Zap Surveys now forces users to do regular surveys to continue claiming the daily bonus.  It’s probably not worth doing, given that there are better paying apps and sites out there (see Qmee above).

Is it worth claiming the daily login bonus on every site?

Claiming the free daily login bonus on multiple sites is a quick and easy way to increase your income.  There’s really no reason why everyone can’t be doing this; even someone in full-time employment could certainly be claiming this extra money whilst at work.

How can I remember to claim every daily login bonus?

I recommend creating a folder in the bookmarks toolbar of your web browser, with all the links that you intend to visit daily.  If you do this, it will be convenient for you to go through your list every morning and claim the bonuses.  You can use a similar system for phone apps, by collecting the icons into a folder that you can open once a day.

Will you get banned if all you do is claim the daily login bonus?

In the majority of cases, it’s not a problem if you to solely earn from the daily reward feature of a site or app.  As mentioned previously, the only site on this list which is lacking in integrity is Branded Surveys.  They will withhold your earnings and ban your account unless you do some surveys before cashing out.  Other than that, you should be able to enjoy claiming these daily rewards without issue.

Do you know any other sites or apps with a daily login bonus?

I’m always on the lookout for free cash. If you come across any more platforms which let you claim a daily reward, please let me know via the contact form. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to keep you updated with any more that I discover.

If you’d like more ways to win free money online, check out this list of free-to-play casino games.

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