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Free Daily Casino Games That Pay Real Money

Here you will find a list of casino sites which let you play free daily bonus games to win rewards. This can be in the form of cash prizes, free spins, free scratch cards, or free gaming credit.

Why are betting sites giving away cash from free daily casino games?

Gambling websites are competing hard against each other to attract and retain customers.  By offering a free daily game for players, casinos will have an edge over competitor sites with less enticing promotions.

Not only that, but free bonuses keep customers coming back daily. The taste of excitement they get from the free games could persuade them to gamble their own money.  Here at Lazy Money UK though, we’re smarter than that. That’s why we only claim free money without risking any of our own.

Never underestimate the power of 1 free spin. Here I won £40 instantly.

How do I withdraw my winnings from free daily casino games?

To cash-out your funds, you need to register a payment method. Gambling sites commonly use debit cards and PayPal, meaning it is simple to manage your funds.

Online casinos typically have a £10 minimum withdrawal limit. You could simply wait until your winnings exceed £10, and then withdraw them.  If you’re in a hurry to get your funds though, a workaround solution is to deposit the remaining amount you need to get your balance over £10.

Note that you cannot withdraw bonus gaming credit. You can only play it on selected games as specified by the promotion. Any winnings you get from doing this will be in the form of real, withdrawable cash.

Do I need to wager (gamble) my own money to play free daily casino games?

No- The games listed here are completely free to play.  There is no requirement to risk any of your own money to access these promotions.  Certain games require that you deposit funds to access them, but you can withdraw these funds again straight away.

Will sites ban me for winning money on free daily casino games?

The best companies don’t penalise members who win free money. This is because recognise the net benefit their promotion has in attracting paying customers to their site.

Inferior casinos will act like cry-babies if you win money from them, rather than letting them take advantage of you.  They may disable promotions on your account should you win too much free cash. Certain sites implement shadow banning, where you can still access the free games, but not achieve winning outcomes.  At least in these scenarios you can walk away with a short-term profit.

I will list these inferior sites separately from the high quality ones, so you will know which sites to prioritise.

This video from my YouTube channel will give you an idea of what to expect from free daily casino games.

List Of Free Daily Casino Games

Last updated: 23/10/22

Betfair – Ball Scratcher

Match 3 out of 6 images on the daily scratch card to win. The prizes are either free spins or a free game of Slingo.

Betfred – Mystery Free Spins

Launch any eligible slot machine game from the list. It will tell you whether you have been awarded free spins for the day. If you win, you’ll get a minimum of 5 free spins. It’s possible to get a maximum of 50 free spins in one go.

Coral – Rewards Grabber

This is an arcade-style claw machine game in which you pick up a symbol. Once you are happy with your selection, the game reveals if your symbol contains a prize. I don’t believe it makes any difference which symbol you grab- They just give you a prize when they feel like it. Look out for Golden Grabber days where every player gets a guaranteed prize.

More free cash courtesy of Coral.

Foxy Bingo – Foxy’s Pinball Machine

Launch the ball and hope it lands in one of the holes. If it does, you’ll get some free spins.

Foxy Bingo – Wag ‘n’ Win

You can find this in the Foxy’s Perks section. When you click Play, a fox tail will swing between the words “Wag” or “Win”. Funnily enough, you will get a prize regardless of the side it chooses. You will regularly get free bingo tickets or free spins from visiting this feature.

Foxy Games – Rock, Paper, Scissors

Winning this classic hand game will get you some free spins or free cash. Choose the ethnicity of your hand (for inclusivity purposes), then choose the shape you wish to deploy. If it’s a draw, you get to try again.

Grosvenor – Match The Pairs

You have 60 seconds to win a pairs matching game. If you succeed, you will get a prize.

Warning: The bonus credit prize is a trap and should be rejected. It doesn’t activate until you have used up your own funds, and has an unattainable wagering requirement of 30 times.

Ladbrokes – Instant Spins

Spinning this wheel can win free spins, cash, bonus credit, or bingo tickets.

Sky Vegas – Prize Machine

This totally rigged slot machine awards a prize to players who can spell the word W-I-N. Sometimes the game pretends to miss the letter N, but then reveals it with a special animation.

I discovered that the bonus credit works on other games as well as the ones that they specify. I prefer to open my favourite game Grabba Dabba 2 and use it there.

Note: If you win actual cash on Prize Machine, you don’t need to spend it on a game, even if it encourages you to.

Tombola – Free Game

Tombola are constantly rebranding their free offering, but it always follows the same basic idea. The player must get enough matching symbols to win the corresponding prize.

It’s quite rare to win on this game. On the plus side, the prizes are all real cash, going as high as £5000. I’ve won the smaller prizes a few times now so it certainly is possible.

This site requires that you verify your phone number to be gain entry into the free game. They text you an access code once every Monday.

Tombola Arcade – Free Game

Head over to Tombola’s sister site to have a second go on their free game each day.

Inferior Sites Which Shadow Ban Winners

These games are likely to make you short term profit, and are therefore worth considering. However, they will stop you from playing and/or winning in the long-run.

William Hill – Bonus Drop

This is a plinko-style game. The player chooses a starting position to drop a counter from, hoping it lands in a prize slot. This site shadow banned me, once I had won a substantial amount of money from free spins. It’s still possible to access Bonus Drop, but I can only “win” an offer that requires me to spend money.

Virgin Games – Free Game

On this game, you uncover tiles on a board in search of symbols. If you match enough symbols you’ll receive the corresponding prize. At the end of each month you get to play on a bonus board. The number of days you play this game determines the amount of bonus turns you get. You need to deposit £10 to access this game, but you can withdraw it immediately. If they shadow ban you, then you’ll find that there aren’t enough matching symbols on the board to win.

Jackpot Joy – Free Game

This is more or less the same as Virgin Game’s offering. Again, you need to make a refundable £10 deposit to access the game. Shadow-banned players will not uncover sufficient matching symbols to get prizes.

Betfair – Prize Pinball

Launch a ball in a pinball machine and see if it lands in a prize slot. Betfair banned me from playing this, due to “business and trading decisions”. This is clearly their customer service’s code phrase for me winning too much money from free spins.

Final Thoughts On Free Daily Casino Games

In conclusion, free casino games are an entertaining way to pick up some extra cash. It’s certainly exciting to trigger a bonus round on the slot machines, and watch your prize money escalate.

Make these games part of your daily routine and you’ll soon see the benefits. If you’d like to pick up guaranteed free money daily, check out my list of sites with daily login bonuses.

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