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Free Samples From Swagbucks – Get Paid To Test Products

Swagbucks surveys sometimes offer free samples to test out.

This article explains how you can get paid to test free samples, via the Swagbucks rewards platform.

If you’re not already a member of Swagbucks then you’ll need to create an account first.  I’ve put together a complete beginner’s guide to Swagbucks, to show you the easiest ways to earn free money daily.  There’s a $3 sign-up bonus for those who join via my profile link, and earn their first 300 SB points.

How To Get Paid To Test Products

When checking out the Answer section of Swagbucks, you may notice some higher paying surveys with a star icon.  Sometimes these “star surveys” pay you to rate an episode of an upcoming TV show; other times they will offer you a free sample of a product for testing purposes.

How To Get Free Samples

In the initial part of a product testing survey, they will ask you about your prior perception of a certain brand.  It’s important to come across as a customer of the brand in question (even if you’re not), so that you can qualify for the survey.  They then invite you to provide a delivery address to receive your free sample.  The item will arrive in a parcel along with a letter containing instructions for the testing period.

Getting Paid To Review The Free Samples

At the end of the testing period (usually a week), you will receive a follow-up survey. It will either appear as an e-mail, or directly in your Answer section on Swagbucks.  When you start this survey, it asks you to confirm the item code of your sample. You can then give feedback on your experience with the product.

How Much Can You Make Testing Products?

You can easily expect to make $5 or more for giving your opinions on a free sample.  Note that the surveys you complete before and after the testing phase are credited separately. You will typically have to wait a few days for the payment to arrive.

Get Free Stuff

I find that paid product testing on Swagbucks is a good way to get free stuff.  When you test and keep products for free, it saves money on things you might need.  For example, I signed up to test toothpaste and shower gel when in short supply, and saved on my supermarket bill.  I also took advantage of a free designer fragrance sample, since I would never waste money on extortionately priced aftershave.

Aside from free toiletries and cosmetics, I’ve seen surveys where you can claim free dog food, and free alcohol.  While I have no use for these things personally, I know others will appreciate them.

Final Thoughts

It’s certainly an interesting and profitable experience to test out free samples from Swagbucks.  I recommend trying those “star surveys” so you can hopefully get some free stuff, as well as some free cash.

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