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Freecash Review

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Freecash review introduction: What is

Hi everyone, Phil from Lazy Money UK here, bringing you a Freecash review.

Freecash is a rewards platform that’s on its way up. It joins many other “Get-Paid-To” / “GPT” sites that have surfaced in recent years, aiming to replicate the success of Swagbucks. The basic idea of a GPT site is that you can earn money online by participating in various tasks, including offers and surveys. Like any serious rewards platform, Freecash also gives away free daily login rewards just for showing up.

After you read this Freecash review, you’ll understand why the site is rapidly growing in popularity, and how to use it to earn easy money.

Why Freecash is better than other rewards sites

There’s an unfortunate trend in the online money-making niche for promising new apps and sites to become nerfed, watered-down or defunct. Freecash on the other hand has taken this formula and turned it on its head. That’s right, they’ve actually improved their offering since starting the site.

Freecash began life as a mere clone of it’s competitor, with both platforms sporting a suspiciously similar design. Following recent additions to its earning system, Freecash has managed to leave its rival behind in the dust.

How to claim free daily bonus payments from Freecash

The first thing you’re going to want to do after signing up to Freecash is to claim the free daily login reward. You can do this by heading to the Rewards section and clicking the Claim button.

The previous bonus system saw users having to wait 24 hours between each claim, causing the opening time to drift later and later in the day. Freecash has improved upon this feature by making it available from the start of each day.

Better yet, you can actually increase the daily bonus amount by earning and leveling up on the site.

What is the Freecash bonus ladder?

You’ll also notice an option to gamble your daily bonus in a ‘Double or nothing’ game. I personally advise against gambling it on the Bonus Ladder. There could be a “house edge” built into this game, causing a long-term loss compared to claiming the flat amount daily. Even if there’s a 50% probability of winning, your long-term results would be equivalent to just accepting the initial amount.

Freecash gives users the option to either claim a free daily bonus or gamble it in a double-or-nothing game.

Freecash daily streak bonus

Aside from the instant daily bonus, you may also notice that there’s an opportunity to unlock daily streak bonuses. This means you can win additional rewards for earning at least 1000 points on consecutive days. Keep this in mind, as it will be easy for you to claim at least the Day 1 bonus of $0.02 fairly often by using the earning method discussed below.

Freecash has a daily streak system, which lets you unlock extra rewards by earning at least 1000 points on consecutive days.

What’s the best way to make money online using Freecash?

If you have the motivation to do the standard offers and surveys on Freecash, more power to you. I’m usually far too lazy for these activities. That’s why I look for the most passive earning methods possible on this kind of site.

Fortunately, Freecash is a partner of the passive income site Loot TV, where you can earn points by watching videos. You can then transfer your points over to Freecash to redeem them for money. In fact, Freecash is the best destination to send your Loot TV points to, due to the 1:1 conversion ratio. Unlike their competitor, Freecash doesn’t help itself to a commission from your Loot TV points. The amount you send is the amount you receive.

I recommend saving up 1000 points ($1) on Loot TV, so that you unlock the first daily streak bonus on Freecash when you make a transfer. This is a useful hack you can use to squeeze out a few extra points, even if you don’t intend to continue the streak.

Freecash bonus codes

Freecash has the best promo codes I have seen from any rewards site. The Freecash team often publish these code drops on their social media accounts, such as Twitter. These codes can be redeemed for amounts as high as $0.50. You just need to enter them in the Rewards section of the site. Freecash bonus codes are a great way to get money for free, so keep an eye out for them.

This is an example of a bonus code that Freecash published on their Twitter account.

Cashing out from Freecash

When it comes to options for redeeming your earnings from Freecash, you really are spoiled for choice. With methods including PayPal, VISA, Amazon, Steam, Nintendo, plus major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there’s bound to be something of interest to you. The minimum withdrawal amount is as low as $0.50 if you’re willing to accept Litecoin.

Does Freecash review your withdrawal requests?

Be advised that Freecash may temporarily withhold your first payment while your account is verified. This is an automatic security feature, so you do not need to worry. If you require assistance during the verification process, simply message a site moderator on the support chat. In my experience they are very quick to respond.

Freecash payment proof- The cornerstone of an honest Freecash review

This wouldn’t be a very good Freecash review if I didn’t verify the integrity of the site. To help assure you that Freecash is legit and really pays out, here’s a screenshot of a recent transaction where I received my earnings. I opted for the PayPal cash-out, which was processed by a third-party rewards service called Tremendous.

This PayPal transaction serves as payment proof for Freecash.

Concluding my Freecash review

It may not quite knock Swagbucks off the top spot when it comes to free daily bonuses, but Freecash is quickly becoming one of the best rewards sites out there. I admire that they have gone against the grain by actually adding value to their platform rather than subtracting it. As a result, the site is rapidly growing in popularity, and I’m excited to see what their team will come out with next.

Are you interested in trying out Freecash? New users can claim a randomised reward (typically $0.25) by using my referral link:

Thanks for checking out my Freecash review. For more information on earning with passive video sites, check out my Hideout TV review.

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