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Freejackpot Review

Freejackpot lets you win gift cards from lottery draws and mini-games.

What is Freejackpot?

Freejackpot is a website where you can win free gift cards. There is a daily prize draw with a top prize of £250, in addition to a monthly £1 million jackpot draw. Users gain entries into the lotteries, plus extra cash, by playing mini-games daily.

Where does Freejackpot get the prize money from?

Since you don’t need to pay to enter the prize draws, it’s natural to wonder where the prize money comes from. Freejackpot displays advertisements on their website, which generate revenue when people visit. They are therefore able to provide a “completely free alternative to gambling”.

How to get tickets for the prize draws

The three daily mini-games on Freejackpot will award you with tickets and smaller cash prizes. You get 20 tries on each mini-game per day- Half of which are in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon.

You can also gain a limited number of extra tickets each day, by playing generic browser games (or at least leaving them open in a browser tab). However, I find that the prospect of more tickets isn’t sufficient motivation to do so. Unlike the mini-games, there is no additional incentive of instant cash prizes. Therefore, I will often skip this feature.

Now let’s take a look at the featured mini-games:

Scratch Game

This is a scratch card which you uncover by clicking and dragging your mouse (or finger on touch screens). Freejackpot is yet to disclose what the possible prizes are. The best I’ve won so far is 20p in one go.

Spin Game

This is a wheel of fortune game. Every segment of the wheel contains a prize, so winning is a guarantee. The maximum cash prize here is 3p.

Lotto Game

This is not to be confused with the daily prize draws. You need to choose six numbers from 1 to 49. I like to use the lucky dip feature to save time and effort. When you start the draw, the random number generator will also choose six numbers. If any of your selections match those of the draw, you will win a prize. The maximum possible prize is £1000. However, with a requirement of matching all six numbers, the chance of getting the top prize is negligible.

How do the daily prize draws work?

Once you have gained your tickets for the day, a matter of waiting for the prize draw to occur. You will need to check the results manually, and claim your prize if you win. The daily draw always occurs at midnight, so you will probably want to check the results the following morning. Winners will be greeted by a congratulatory message when logging in. It’s always a good start to the day to receive a cash reward.

In my experience, it’s quite easy to win the lower tier prizes on the daily draw. I tend to get several prizes each week. It seems that relatively few people use this site, compared to other free lotteries like Pick My Postcode (despite Freejackpot being better in every regard). This means that there is less competition to get between you and the cash.

Freejackpot notifies winners of the daily prize draw when they log in.

How does the £1 million prize draw work?

The same tickets that you earn for the daily prize draws also go into the monthly £1 million jackpot draw. This means that you don’t need to do anything extra to participate.

You might be wondering if Freejackpot really has £1,000,000 to give away. From what I can tell, they pay for “jackpot insurance” from a third-party company to cover the event of someone actually winning.

Cashing out from Freejackpot

Currently, Freejackpot users are only able to withdraw their funds in the form of retail gift cards. There are some major brands on offer, including ASDA, Currys and WHSmith.

The minimum free withdraw limit is currently £50. Alternatively, you can use your Freejackpot funds to get up to a 20% discount on gift cards that you pay for yourself. This is a poorly conceived idea in my opinion, as it defeats the point of a free-to-play site. There are already sites like Cardyard which sell discounted gift cards, without you having to mess around with daily games and saving up. Granted, Freejackpot gives you a greater reduction.

I definitely recommend saving up for the £50 ASDA gift card. If you use this to buy essential groceries, then you can put the money that you would have spent into a savings or investment account. There is also the option to sell the gift card for PayPal cash on Cardyard, if you can accept a 13% loss.

Whether or not winners of the £1 million jackpot have to cash out in gift cards remains to be seen.

Is Freejackpot legit?

I am pleased to announce that Freejackpot operates with integrity and really delivers your gift cards. That said, I would like to see greater transparency from Freejackpot when it comes to explaining how they conduct their prize draws.

Final thoughts on Freejackpot

Overall, I enjoy using Freejackpot as a source of free gift cards. The mini-games are mildly entertaining and form part of my daily routine for collecting free login bonuses. Even if you don’t win big on the prize draws, you can still grind your way to get gift cards for free in the long run.

If you’d like to give Freejackpot a try, use this link to start with 2 free tickets for the next prize draw.

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