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Google Opinion Rewards – How To Cash Out On Android

Android owners can to use this trick to convert Play Store credit from Google Opinion Rewards to real PayPal money

Google Opinion Rewards has caused a great deal of confusion amongst its users. If you have the Android version, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no option to redeem your earnings. This is intentional, as Google wants you to spend your credit on the Play Store.

Before you blow your balance on more outfits for Talking Tom, try this trick to convert Play Store credit into PayPal cash. This method even has the potential to multiple your earnings from Google Opinion Rewards.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is a microsurvey app, meaning it pays users to answer extremely short surveys. While the surveys show up infrequently, they can pay as much as 50p within seconds. Given its ease of use, and high rate of pay, I recommend keeping Google Opinion Rewards on your phone.

Google Opinion Rewards: Android vs. iOS

Google Opinion Rewards is largely the same on both mobile operating systems, aside from one key difference:

Officially speaking, only iOS users can receive cash-outs to PayPal when their balance exceeds £2. Android users, on the other hand, are paid in Google Play Store credit. They are expected to spend this on overpriced apps, books or movies. Google inexplicably punishes users of their own operating system, whilst rewarding customers of their competitor Apple.

I tried logging into Google Opinion Rewards on iOS to cash out the credit I earned on Android. Strangely, Google Opinion Rewards counts your balance separately for each operating system, so I needed a new plan.

A trick to withdraw from Google Opinion Rewards on Android

Since we can’t directly cash out our Google Play Store balance, we need an alternative solution. Fortunately, I found a way to use Google Play Credit to earn larger amounts of real PayPal money. The plan is:

Use our Play Store credit to complete mobile game offers on Get-Paid-To sites, such as Swagbucks or Freecash.

These offers pay you for reaching a certain level in a game, within a set number of days. The games featured in these offers are known as “pay-to-win”, meaning in-app purchases can expedite your progress.

I tested this plan using a game called Coin Master, which I found on Swagbucks. The offer was to reach Level 20 within 7 days, to earn 3000 SB (£30). In this case, it was also a requirement to make an in-app purchase. I went for the cheapest microtransaction available in the game, to maximise my profit from the offer. Luckily, Google gave me a Play Store voucher for £1, so I only ended up spending £0.79 from my balance.

After reaching Level 20, my reward pended on Swagbucks for 14 days, as specified in the terms of the offer. I was then able to withdraw my £30 to PayPal, of which £29.21 was pure profit.

Always check the offer requirements so you know what to expect.

Don’t waste your Play Store credit

I should warn you that a minority of the mobile game offers are unfair. They don’t give the player enough resources to reach the required level within the time limit. This is done in the hopes that the player will spend money on in-app purchases out of desperation. An example of such a game is Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid.

Microtransactions in mobile games are exploitative. They capitalise on the feeling of frustration which the games intentionally create. The player receives very little benefit in the game for the extortionate price they pay. Top-tier purchase in mobile games can cost more than brand-new video games from AAA studios. In extreme cases, the player would need to spend more to finish the offer than the reward they get back. It’s important to only invest your Play Store credit in games when you can be sure of success.

The best way to avoid low quality mobile game offers is to search for the offer on Reddit i.e. r/Swagbucks. This lets you check whether other users could complete the offer comfortably. You can also learn tricks from other players to reach the offer requirements more efficiently.


Thanks to this trick, users of Google Opinion Rewards on Android finally have a way to withdraw their earnings. In fact, you can make far more money this way than if you just received a direct cash-out to PayPal. Even iOS users may wish to consider this strategy.

If you found this guide helpful, please consider joining a rewards platform as my referral. I personally prefer using Swagbucks for this purpose, as they pay in GBP rather than USD. Here are the links you need:

Swagbucks – Get a 300 SB (£3) bonus when you earn your first 300 SB

Freecash – Get 4 mystery cases, worth between $0.05 and $250 ($0.25 typical value)

Also be sure to check out the phone app OnePulse for more microsurvey opportunities.

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