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Hideout TV: Get Paid To Watch Videos

Hideout TV is a website that’s similar to YouTube, except users can actually get paid to watch videos.

There are several clones of Hideout TV from the same company, including Meal Ninja, ThePanda and PopJoy, but it’s only allowed to use one of these sites at a time. However, there is also an unaffiliated clone called which can be run simultaneously with Hideout TV.

How to earn points on Hideout TV

The user simply needs to let videos play automatically in a web browser to start earning. Points are awarded for the viewing of adverts, so you should be able to see your balance increase for every 3 ads that are shown. If you believe you are not getting points, it is likely because not enough adverts have been displayed yet.

You need to make sure that Hideout TV is visible on the screen, otherwise it may be detected as being inactive and stop earning. It may help to use a spare monitor to give yourself more screen space.

If you leave Hideout TV playing for a long time (i.e. 4 hours), you may be required to complete a CAPTCHA to prove that you are still watching.

How to get more points on Hideout TV

Hideout TV users get a daily bonus in the form of a promo code. This is already entered for you in the Rewards section under the video player, so you just need to click Redeem. Doing this will credit some extra points to your account.

Hideout TV release additional promo codes on their social media pages (Instagram and Facebook). These codes generally appear on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so be sure to keep a lookout for them.

Creator monetisation

If you have produced video content for other platforms like YouTube, you may wish to also upload this to Hideout TV to create an additional income stream. Creators will need to submit an application form to be approved by Hideout TV staff. Once accepted, you will be able to earn points each time your video is viewed by another user. This could be helpful for smaller YouTube channel owners who are struggling to meet the requirements for AdSense.

Hideout TV hacks

There’s a rumour going around that the Hideout TV app for Amazon Firestick has a superior earning rate compared to the web browser version, though I am yet to verify this myself. While I wouldn’t risk buying a Firestick just to earn with Hideout TV, it might be worth a try if you have one lying around.

The best hack I can show you to earn extra on Hideout TV is to transfer your points to for cashing out.

The best site to redeem Hideout TV points

I have discovered that the best rewards site to redeem Hideout TV points to is There are 3 major advantages to doing so:

1. Cut out the middle man is a sister site to Hideout TV, owned by the same parent company Adscend Media. This means that Hideout TV users are given favourable treatment when redeeming points to Unlike third-party rewards sites, does not take a commission from the transaction. In fact, actually scales your points up!

2. Earnings boosters lets users win daily bonus rewards by spinning a prize wheel. You can either receive a cash bonus directly, or a 24 hour earnings booster.

I recommend saving up your Hideout TV points until you win the maximum 50% earnings booster on the daily prize wheel at, and then transferring your points over.

3. Better value gift cards users can get the most value out of their points by opting for the Mastercard gift card in GBP. This beats the exchange rate you would encounter when cashing out USD to PayPal and then converting it to GBP. You can easily convert Mastercard gift cards to PayPal cash by following my guide.


Hideout TV is by no means the best paying website, but for something that’s almost completely passive to use, the amount you get isn’t too bad. If you need to have your computer switched on anyway, it might be worth running the videos to pick up some passive pennies. Combined with the free bonus points won on, you’ll be cashing out your first fiver in no time.

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