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How To Use Multiple Swagbucks Accounts

Swagbucks allows multiple accounts to be used in one household.

In this article I will explain how you can operate multiple accounts on Swagbucks, without them banning you. I have taken advantage of this loophole for many years without consequences.

Why use multiple Swagbucks accounts?

Swagbucks offers many ways for users to claim easy points from daily login bonuses. However, there are daily limits on how many points users get from these activities. Having multiple accounts lets you get around these restrictions and increase the daily earning potential of Swagbucks.

Are you allowed to use more than one account on Swagbucks?

The official answer from Swagbucks is that you may not make multiple accounts yourself. However, the rules also state that your household can have more than one Swagbucks user. This means that each Swagbucks account in your household must belong to a separate, real person.

The rules of Swagbucks state that multiple accounts can be used in a household.
Swagbucks make it clear that they allow multiple accounts in a household.

How to obtain spare Swagbucks accounts

As you have seen, making extra Swagbucks accounts yourself puts you at risk of a ban. If you want to use multiple accounts, you will therefore need to adopt them from other people. Who would give away their opportunity to receive free daily cash though? Well believe it or not, some people don’t value free money as much as you and I do. They may initially express interest in earning extra income, but soon change their mind. To them, it will seem like too much effort to perform simple daily actions, like using the search engine.

Two people I referred to Swagbucks decided to discontinue the stream of free money into their PayPal accounts. I didn’t want to see their legitimate and verified accounts go to waste. I therefore asked for the login information for their accounts, and started using them myself. It was possible to change the e-mail addresses of the accounts to some of my own, for the purpose of withdrawing my earnings.

These extra accounts aren’t even registered to the same residential address as my primary account. Who’s to say that these users don’t visit my house to use my internet connection though?

Can you earn a referral bonus from your extra Swagbucks accounts?

Assuming that your spare Swagbucks account was initially registered to a real person using your invitation link, then it will count as a legitimate referral. You may want to consider a referral account for primary use, since it will continually generate a 10% commission for your original account.

Do you need to use a different device for each Swagbucks account?

I have been able to freely switch between accounts as often as I like on a single device. This has not been an issue for Swagbucks, and I don’t see why it should be. After all, it could theoretically be the case that a household only owns and has to share one device with internet access.

That said, you may wish to use different devices for app install offers to track properly. Apps may recognise the phone or tablet you’re using and not credit you for subsequent installs on the same device.

How to cash out from multiple Swagbucks accounts

An obstacle you might encounter when cashing out from multiple accounts might be a lack of different PayPal addresses.

Fortunately, PayPal allows users to make one additional account for their “business”. I created a new e-mail address, with the word “business” in it to further the legitimacy, and used this to register my second account on PayPal.

As for withdrawing PayPal cash from a third Swagbucks account, perhaps the original account owner (or someone else) would be happy to forward the funds to you? Alternatively, you could accept one of the gift cards like Amazon or Mastercard at a third e-mail address.

The best earning strategy for multiple Swagbucks accounts

You may find that it takes too long to complete every daily earning task on all of your Swagbucks accounts. I suggest only going for the “low hanging fruit”- That is to say, the low effort, high reward opportunities. This includes:

  • Search wins
  • Daily goal bonuses
  • Team challenge prizes
  • SWAGO event rewards
  • Birthday bonuses
  • Paid-to-click offers

Can you take surveys on multiple Swagbucks accounts?

It is possible to complete surveys from secondary Swagbucks accounts. You may find this useful for the purpose of unlocking SWAGO rewards, or earning points in the team challenges.

Note that Swagbucks often insert verification questions before surveys. These take the form of fake qualification questions. Your answers will be cross-referenced with your profile information to check for consistency. Answering test questions incorrectly could result in the disabling of surveys on your account. This happened to me before I knew about the use of quality checks. Strangely, Swagbucks restored access to surveys on my fake accounts a few years later.

If you wish to complete surveys on your fake Swagbucks accounts then you need to know the information linked to each profile e.g. date of birth. You can check some details like the postcode on your account page.

Swagbucks will disable access to surveys on your account if you fail their quality check questions.

Final Thoughts

You’re essentially asking for a ban if you make multiple Swagbucks accounts yourself. However Swagbucks seems indifferent to individuals who adopt multiple accounts from other real people.

Having extra Swagbucks accounts can help you get around caps on daily earnings. Just be sure to priorities earnings activities which reward highly relative to the time and effort you put in. Also, remember to take advantage of that 10% referral bonus.

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