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OnePulse Review

OnePulse pays you to answer quick microsurveys.

If you’re looking for the best-paid survey app in the world, OnePulse might just be the one. This app gives you disproportionately high pay for the tiny amount of effort you put in. I mean, you don’t even have to do real surveys. Each “Pulse” you answer is only three questions long at most, in other words, a microsurvey. Even the open-ended questions are incredibly brief, with the app accepting single word responses. Unlike other survey apps, the rate of pay is consistent, meaning you’ll always get good value.

How does OnePulse work?

The OnePulse app sends a notification to your phone when a new paid Pulse becomes available. There are usually limited spaces in each Pulse, so it’s important to respond to the notifications as quickly as possible. If you make it into the Pulse, your place is reserved for a limited time. You will easily have enough time to answer the questions as long as you don’t mess around.

There is a waiting list feature for people who don’t get there in time, but it’s unlikely that other users will give up their spot. That’s not to say you will always miss out as a late responder, however. Sometimes you will find that hours-old notifications surprisingly still connect you to Pulses. This can occur if OnePulse are particularly interested in your demographic.

How much can you earn?

OnePulse uses an XP (experience points) system to determine your pay grade. Every Pulse you complete gives you XP which will let you reach higher levels. New users (Level 1) start at $0.07 per Pulse. You can ultimately get as much as $0.40 per Pulse (Level 34).

I’m currently at the point of $0.32 per Pulse. Given that several Pulse notifications typically appear each day, it’s quite possible to make over a dollar in an extremely short amount of time. On particularly good days, OnePulse will send the same survey again by accident, or multiple variations of the same survey which you can answer without thinking. The rewards you get from this can add up fast.

Note: In addition to paid Pulses, OnePulse also offers non-paid Pulses just “for fun”. While you could use them to accumulate XP points and level up, I personally don’t think it’s worth answering any kind of survey without payment. If you only want to answer paid Pulses, stick with the ones that come by notification, and also check for ones listed in the app that display a $ icon.

Cashing out from OnePulse

Once your balance has reached at least $20, you will be able to withdraw your earnings straight to PayPal. OnePulse will even convert the amount to Great British Pounds for you, based on the current exchange rate. This is a nice touch, because it lets you avoid the hidden conversion fee on PayPal.

OnePulse tend to process the cash-out request within minutes. Please see my video above for payment proof.

OnePulse lets you convert your balance to Great British Pounds before you cash out.

How to get more Pulses on OnePulse

As with any survey platform, you should pretend to be a customer of whatever product or service the questions are about. Not only does this make sure you qualify for the Pulse, but it grants you access to extra earning opportunities. OnePulse often sends several follow up surveys to relevant respondents, so make sure that includes you. It’s best to treat each Pulse as if it were qualification questions for a bigger survey.

Given the competition for paid Pulses, I strongly recommend using an audio notification with this app if you can. Then you can drop whatever you’re doing as you scramble to find your phone each time the sound plays.

Final thoughts

OnePulse is one of the best survey platforms I have ever used, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone. The reason OnePulse succeeds at what it does is by doing the opposite of other survey platforms- Being honest, compensating you fairly for your time, and treating you like a human being.

As always, there’s room for improvement. I hope OnePulse will be able to lower the threshold for withdrawals (it used to be just $5 back in 2020). They also need to figure out why they are sending broken notifications on occasion, which fail to connect the user with a Pulse. Even if it stays as it is though, there’s no doubt that OnePulse is an essential money-making app in the UK.

If you like this type of microsurvey app, be sure to also check out my review of WeAre8. This app pays you to watch adverts, and answer quick questions, similar to OnePulse.

WeAre8 pays you to watch adverts and answer microsurveys.

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