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Peer2Profit Review

If you’re someone who pays for internet access, the chances are you rarely use your connection at its full capacity. This means that a lot of the bandwidth you’ve bought is going to waste. What if you could harness this untapped potential and use it to generate income? This is where Peer2Profit steps in.

Peer2Profit is a new entry into the bandwidth selling genre of money making apps. With Peer2Profit, users can monetise the unused portion of their bandwidth by reselling it to businesses. This allows you to receive completely passive income simply by leaving the app running on your Android or Windows devices.

You might be wondering why businesses would want to spend extra to use other people’s bandwidth rather than their own. This does have certain benefits when it comes to market research. For example, companies may wish to:

  • Check what online adverts are being shown in different regions
  • Monitor their SEO (search engine optimisation) in different parts of the world
  • Compare local prices of products and services

Renting bandwidth from various global locations allows companies to view the internet from different perspectives.

Is Peer2Profit legit?

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that their site looks like some dodgy Russian scam designed to empty your Bitcoin wallet. I must say that having to change the language from Russian to English when I first signed in didn’t exactly fill me with confidence. However, my prior experience using bandwidth selling apps, plus the positive reviews on Trustpilot convinced me to give this app a chance. I was soon blown away by the results.

How much can you earn with Peer2Profit?

When it comes to earnings, Peer2Profit actually manages to beat the most popular bandwidth seller, Honeygain.

The official estimates for earnings with one device running on a single IP address are said to be $2 to $15 a month. I am lucky to be at the top range of this estimate, with my personal results being $0.50 a day.

There does seem to be a great deal of variation in people’s earning rate using this app. This is due to differing demands for bandwidth depending on where you are in the world. However, my own results suggest that it’s highly beneficial to use this app in the UK.

If you’re joining us from outside of the UK, check the useful map feature on the Peer2Profit homepage. It shows typical earning rates for each country.

Cashing out

Peer2Profit lets you cash out to a variety of E-wallets, although they gear the selection towards a Russian user base (services like Qiwi and Payeer).

My preferred option is to withdraw my earnings in the form of cryptocurrency. There is a wide selection of mainstream tokens available, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Doge. It find it is easy to have the funds sent to my Coinbase account.

The minimum withdrawal limit varies depending on which token you choose. Litecoin is the quickest to obtain since you only need a balance of $2 to cash out.

They process payouts very quickly indeed. I receive the funds within just 5 minutes of placing an order. Check out the video above to see some payment proof.

If you don’t wish to hold cryptocurrency in your portfolio, it’s simply a matter of selling it for the currency of your choice, such as Great British Pounds, then transferring the money to your bank account. Again, Coinbase lets you accomplish this without much hassle.

Peer2Profit is an app that lets you earn free Bitcoin passively by selling spare internet bandwidth.

How to earn more money on Peer2Profit

There are certain steps you can take to increase your earnings on Peer2Profit.

If possible, you should try to run Peer2Profit on more than one IP address. For example, if you have access to a place of work, you could connect a device to their wi-fi and store it there.

Another strategy you can try is selling mobile data. Peer2Profit actually pays more for cellular data compared to residential networks ($1 per GB vs. $0.80 per GB). If you happen to already have a phone contract with unlimited data, this would be a great option for you.

The app allows you to connect unlimited devices on the same IP address, but I’m not sure that this has any significant benefit. It’s really about providing data from different locations to increase the amount of traffic you can sell.

The final thing you can do to maximise your income is to make use of the excellent referral program. Peer2Profit offers a massive 50% lifetime bonus based on the earnings of your referrals. If you’re interesting in joining yourself and would like to help me out too, please click the banner below to register.

This Peer2profit referral banner contains an affiliate link to the site.


Peer2Profit is currently the best and highest paying app for selling your unused bandwidth. I look forward to this company improving their service further, by adding a PayPal option, and working on the visual design of their site to make it look as good as Honeygain.

If you’re interested in discovering more ways to make passive income, check out my review of Hideout TV.

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