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SerpClix Review

Get paid to search the internet with SerpClix

SerpClix is paying users just for doing Google searches and clicking the results. In this guide, I’ll explain how it works, and give you essential earnings tips to maximise your results.

Why do you get paid to search the web?

Some companies wish to improve their ranking in Google search results, for certain terms. For example, a window cleaning company might be on page 6 of search results for ‘window cleaning in London’, and want to appear on page 1. Being on the first page of Google results means companies get more website views, which helps them get more customers and make more profit.

The amount of people that click a listing on Google positively influences its position in search results. Businesses will therefore pay SerpClix for a click campaign, to generate traffic to their website via Google searches. SerpClix in turn pays their members to perform Google searches and click on specific results.

How much does SerpClix pay you to search the internet?

The minimum amount you can receive per successful search is $0.05. This is for orders which apply to users of all countries. Orders which are exclusive to UK users pay $0.10 each. Fortunately, the amount of $0.10 orders that come through outweighs the $0.05 ones.

The quantity of orders you receive per day is variable. Each order is only temporarily available, so it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. In the duration of writing this article, SerpClix sent me notifications for 8 different orders, and I was able to complete them all.

On my best month so far I made over $12, and on the slowest month I exceeded $4. Not bad pay for simply clicking a few Google results.

How to use SerpClix

First you will need to create an account on SerpClix, and install their browser extension. Once you’ve set it up, it’s simply a matter of waiting for orders to come through. I recommend enabling audio notifications on the order page. It seems that the notification system works better when the order page is open in a browser tab..

When you get an order, click on it to go through to Google. SerpClix will automatically copy the search term you need to your computer’s clipboard. You can press Control + V on your keyboard to easily enter the term into Google’s search bar. Alternatively, right click on the search bar and select Paste from the drop-down menu.

Now you need to locate the target search result. SerpClix will helpfully highlight the target result in red. You may need to look through several pages of results to find the right one.

When you click on the target result, the SerpClix browser extension will begin a brief countdown, which is the amount of time that they want you to view the website. Once you have been on the page long enough, SerpClix will automatically direct you back to the list of click orders. There is a short cooling-off period before you can take on another order, in the form of another countdown on the orders page.

Make sure you keep the target page visible on the screen for the duration of the order. If you start messing around by switching to other tabs, or minimising the window, SerpClix might reject the order.

How to find target results on Google

Changing the settings on Google can make your search more efficient. I suggest changing the number of results shown per page to 100. This reduces the number of times you will need to advance to the next page to find a result.

Bear in mind that Google automatically hides results which is deems to be too similar to the ones that are on display- I’ve found that this feature can sometimes prevent the target result from appearing. To reveal hidden results, click ‘Repeat the search with the omitted results included’ at the bottom of the results page.

Pay attention to the icon of the SerpClix browser extension. If it says ‘OK’, this means you have entered the correct search term. When it says ‘Go!’, this means it has detected the correct result on the page you are currently browsing, so you should be able to find it easily.

If you have looked through every page of search results and still cannot find the target listing, there is one more thing you can try. As a last resort, check the results for an image or news search of the same term. When using the image search, it may help to zoom out of the page, which lets you view more results at once. Again, check if the browser extension can detect the target result on the page you’re looking at- If it can, you will see the word ‘Go!’.

See SerpClix in action, plus discover other paid-to-search opportunities in this video.

How does SerpClix send your earnings?

SerpClix pay their clickers through PayPal. They process payments at the start of each month. You need to have a minimum of $5 in your account to qualify for a payment. If you have not yet reached $5 before the payment date, your balance will roll over to the next month.

Is SerpClix worth using?

While it’s not the highest-paying opportunity, SerpClix certainly has a place in a wider online earning strategy. Of course, we’d all like more orders to click, but the amount that you typically get is still good.

Something I’d like SerpClix to introduce moving forwards is the ability to receive order notifications even when the SerpClix tab isn’t open. For example, they could alert the user by mobile notifications or e-mails. That way there would be less risk of missing orders when not using a computer.

Other than that, I can definitely recommend giving SerpClix a try. If you found this article helpful, please consider using my referral link when signing up. Referrers receive an extra 10% commission based on the earnings of their referrals, so you’ll be helping to support Lazy Money UK for free.

Thanks for checking out this article. If you’d like to earn even more cash just for searching the internet, see my guide to Swagbucks.

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