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Get Paid On TikTok As A Beginner By Using Swagit!

If you’re a beginner looking to get paid on TikTok, then I have a trick you can use to monetise your videos straight away. This shortcut will get you faster results and give you a head-start compared to the traditional route.

How to get paid on TikTok- The hard way

For those who wish to make money on TikTok, the barriers to entry are incredibly high. You would need to have at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 views a month to be considered for the Creator Fund program.

Fortunately, the rewards platform Swagbucks has provided an alternative app to TikTok which allows creators at all levels to earn from their videos. You can even get paid to watch videos. This app is called Swagit!.

How does the Swagit! app work?

Swagit! is very much a TikTok clone when it comes to functionality. Users can upload, view, comment on, and like short-form mobile videos, as well as following other creators. The key difference is that Swagit! allows users to send and receive tips completely for free- Funded by Swagbucks themselves. It’s this tipping system that allows you to get paid on TikTok videos that you upload to Swagit!

To use Swagit! you will need to be a member of Swagbucks.  In case you’ve never heard of it before, Swagbucks is the world’s leading Get-Paid-To site, featuring a multitude of ways to pick up free cash daily (paid search engine, browser games, paid-to-click content etc.). Check out my complete beginner’s guide to Swagbucks which will help you claim the $3 sign-up bonus.

Installing and logging in to Swagit!

Although Swagit! is only available to American users on the Google Play Store, I was able to download the APK file and side-load it onto my Android phone. You can sign in to Swagit! using your Swagbucks account.

I had no issues the first time logging in from outside of USA.  However, when I tried to be clever and switch to one of my fake Swagbucks accounts, I encountered an error message saying my “country is not supported”.  I discovered a hack to fix this issue, which is to re-install the app and disable Wi-Fi whilst signing in.

My advice is: Once you get into the app, avoid logging out for any reason, as you could get locked out.

How to get paid to watch TikTok videos

By using the Swagit! app as an alternative to TikTok, you will be able to start earning cash from viewing TikTok-style videos.

Each user can choose 5 videos a day to tip 1 SB point (worth $0.01) to. For each of these 1 SB that you gift to another user, Swagbucks will pay 2 SB ($0.02) into your account. This means that simply tipping other users on the app will leave you with a daily net profit of 5 SB ($0.05).

Note that you will need to have at least 1 SB in your Swagbucks account to send that first tip. This can easily be obtained by answering the daily poll question on the main Swagbucks site, for example.

So how do you make money on TikTok videos that you’ve uploaded to the Swagit! app? It’s simply a matter of receiving tips passively from viewers.

Swagit! lets you get paid on TikTok videos by sending and receiving tips for free.

How to make money on TikTok videos uploaded to Swagit!

To upscale your earnings beyond the free daily bonus of $0.05, you will need to provide short mobile video content for other users to tip.

The easiest thing to do is use content which you already have on your phone, such as videos of your pets. If you already make TikTok videos, then obviously it would be efficient to re-use these.  Some people go down the route of ripping other people’s content from TikTok to try and get lots of views.  Aside from being dishonorable, this may backfire if other users refuse to tip stolen content.

What’s working for me is recycling recordings of video games which I made for my YouTube channel, and adding decoration to make them fit the 9:16 aspect ratio of mobile videos in portrait mode.

How to upload content to Swagit!

Swagit! always gives me grief when I try to upload videos.  I have to keep submitting the content and trying different file formats until it is accepted.

The upload feature allows you to trim your videos, as well as adding stickers and text. There is also an option to add hashtags into your video description to try and gain more views.

Once your video is live, it’s simply a matter of waiting for the passive income to stream in.

I was able to get paid on TikTok videos by receiving tips via the Swagit! app.

How to cash out your earnings on Swagit!

You can redeem your points for cash from either the Swagit! app itself or the main Swagbucks platform. The minimum withdrawal amount is 700 SB for £5 PayPal cash, or 480 SB if you’re willing to settle for a £3 Amazon gift card.

How much money do you make on TikTok videos via the Swagit! app?

I’ve noticed that the daily earnings from TikTok videos uploaded to Swagit! tend to vary based on several factors, including:

  • How much your content resonates with the Swagit! user base
  • How frequently you post new content
  • Your interactions with other users (tipping, commenting, liking and following)

On some days I’ve had a constant stream of tips coming in, with my phone making notification sounds every few minutes. On other days it has been pretty quiet and I relied on mutually exchanging tips with someone I know on the app.

How to increase the amount you get paid on TikTok videos with Swagit!

Obviously it’s going to help if you produce high-quality videos that people will find interesting to watch.  It probably also helps to use hashtags which are as broad as possible, such as #funny.  However, you may be able to find a niche which has little competition, to make your content stand out.  Bear in mind that viewers will be able to land on your content by searching for their interests.

You may be able to create a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby you exchange tips daily with other Swagit! users.  If you have family or friends who use the app, you’ll likely want to give them priority.

If you don’t know anyone on the app and would like to support Lazy Money UK as you earn, I would greatly appreciate those tips.  Here’s my username which you can search for on the Swagit! app:

If you'd like to help me get paid on TikTok videos while you earn too, please look up my username on the Swagit! app.

Final thoughts

Thanks to the Swagit! app, it’s now possible for beginner creators to monetise their TikTok videos immediately and start to see instant income. Even if you don’t want to make your own videos, it’s still worth visiting Swagit! for the $0.05 daily bonus, which will help you to cash out from Swagbucks more often.

Remember to check out the Swagbuck’s beginners guide for more easy ways to earn on the platform.

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