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WeAre8: Get Paid To Watch Adverts

Welcome to my review of the money-making app WeAre8. In this article I hope to address the following questions:

  • How does it work?
  • Where does the funding come from?
  • How much can you earn?
  • Is it legit?

Once you’re done reading about WeAre8, you’ll have no doubts that this is a great app, and well worth signing up for to earn some extra income.

WeAre8 advertisement banner.

WeAre8 Review

Usually it’s USA that has all the fun when it comes to money making apps.  This time however, it’s my pleasure to review a UK-exclusive app (for now at least), which strangely enough comes from a company based in New York City.

WeAre8 have a master plan to “change the world”, by redirecting advertising revenue away from toxic social media platforms, and towards end users and charities.  Their initial goal to become a fully-fledged social network free from hate and negativity seems to be sidelined at this point.

All that really matters is this app pays you to watch adverts. Check out my video below for a quick introduction to WeAre8:

How does WeAre8 work?

Every few days you’ll get notifications for new videos to watch- These can be from the app directly, by SMS or by e-mail. Each video is followed by a quick microsurvey consisting of 1 to 3 questions. After your response is submitted then your cash reward will be shown as pending in your account, to be made available after 30 days.

WeAre8 funding

WeAre8 have secured partnerships with major brands including eBay and Cadbury. These companies pay WeAre8 and yourself for your attention on their video adverts. It is more beneficial than traditional social media advertising, since the audience actually engages with the sponsored message by answering questions.

Gaining more users on the app will mean that WeAre8 will be able to attract more advertisers, and pay you even more. I therefore believe it’s important that we all sign up and support the app in its early stages.

WeAre8 advertisment banner.

How much can you earn?

The typical reward for responding to a video notification is 20p.  While it does take a whole month for each view to credit, the withdrawal process is quicker, with balances of £1 or more being sent to your PayPal account within 3 days.

Better yet, an additional donation is also made to charity every time you earn.  WeAre8 helps with a wide range of good causes. Since they cover 8 areas of impact, I’m guessing that’s where they got the idea for their app name from.

The 8 areas of impact where WeAre8 aims to make a difference.

Is WeAre8 legit?

WeAre8 is absolutely a legit company and app. I have personally tested WeAre8 for my review, as with any platform that is recommended here at Lazy Money UK. Check out the video review above if you would like to see some payment proof. Plus, the app has been endorsed by Rio Ferdinand himself. Would Rio Ferdinand lie to you? Of course not.

Final thoughts

I really hope that WeAre8 succeeds in both global expansion and increasing their sponsorships.  It has been stated that their goal is to provide as many as 10 paid videos per day, which would make the app an incredible asset to the online earning community.  For now though, this is a solid addition to my money-making strategy, and I highly recommend adding it to yours.

If this all sounds good and you’d like to become an early adopter of WeAre8 yourself, simply click here to get started.

Fans of microsurvey-style apps like WeAre8 may also enjoy OnePulse, which can be used in UK, USA and Kenya. For another platform that pays you to watch videos, check out Hideout TV.

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